Terry Jung

Vet Nurse

Heart pumping moments

Whilst Terry is working at VSOS as a vet nurse, he has actually completed his veterinary studies in South Korea, before moving back to Australia at the end of 2018. While he prepares for his Australian vet exams, Terry wanted to stay in the industry working with and caring for animals.

Terry was particularly interested in working in an emergency and critical care environment so applied for the emergency nursing role at VSOS. While Terry does enjoy general practice, it’s the heart pumping moments of emergency animal care that he finds rewarding.

“It’s a very intense environment, but I really like it. Partly because the cases are complex and interesting… but also because it’s so rewarding to look after a very ill patient and then see them go home. You don’t really see that in general practice. If I give good nursing and treatment, the moment I see them get better after a critical moment, I get really excited.”

Care and passion

Terry loves being part of a team and enjoys the culture at VSOS. He is keen to learn from his colleagues and blown away by the expertise and the level of care they provide.

“It’s a really great team here. The care and passion they have towards our patients is amazing. Everyone brings skills, passion and knowledge to the table and that makes it a really great environment to work in.”

In the future, Terry is looking forward to obtaining his veterinary qualifications so he can practise as a vet in Australia. He is also interested in animal rehabilitation and acupuncture so he will see where that path takes him. For now, he is busy with work, caring for his new baby, his dog and three cats.

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