Tamara Pope

Vet Nurse, AVNAT – RVN


Skilled and knowledgeable

Since completing her studies in Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing, Tamara has developed a wide range of skills and knowledge, making her an invaluable member of the VSOS team, both in and out of the operating theatre.

For Tamara, helping animals is so much more than a career. It’s a vocation. A calling. And it’s something she’s been passionate about since she was a child.

Tamara knew from a very early age that her natural love for animals came from a much deeper place. One that was built on the need to help and care for them in any way she could.

“For me, it wasn’t just a general love for animals, it was something more. I really wanted to help them and I always had a passion for that. Being a vet nurse seemed like the right fit for me to be able to do that every day.”

A love of all creatures

It’s this empathy for all creatures, large and small, that Tamara is so well known for. Clients know when they leave their beloved pets with Tamara, that they will be loved and cared for completely.

“I was always surrounded by animals growing up. ALL kinds of animals. We always had dogs, fish, even birds. I’d have to say that dogs were my favourite then and still are.”

That desire to help and provide tender loving care to every animal that comes through the VSOS doors is still what drives Tamara. Knowing that she can make an instant impact and help those that can’t help themselves brings her the most satisfaction.

And when she isn’t doting over every animal that walks through the door, Tamara is a passionate soccer fan, playing as much as she can on weekends.

“I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed with sports in general, I think. But soccer is my favourite.”

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