Tabitha Levien

Manager and Vet Nurse

Tabitha Levien

A lifelong vet nurse

Tabitha is an American-trained, licensed veterinary technician. She has spent her entire life in and around veterinary hospitals, as her mother has worked as a veterinary technician and receptionist for over 40 years. She started her career early as a kennel assistant in Portland Oregon, USA, at the age of 16. She quickly progressed to working as a technician assistant and receptionist.

Tabitha began her career in surgery in 2007 in Clackamas, Oregon, at VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists. She was lucky to be trained by some of the country’s top surgeons.  In doing this, she discovered a passion for working in surgery and achieved her CVT (certified veterinary technician) licence in Oregon, in 2010.

She has since then expanded her knowledge, working in Hawaii for a short time, the largest hospital on the west coast in Los Angeles, and the Washington DC area.

VSOS A Passion For Organisation And Design

A passion for organisation and design

She met Andrew in Washington DC and they lived there for two years before they moved to Australia in 2017 and started VSOS together as a team of two. Tabitha now plays a vital role as the hospital manager of our brand new advanced treatment centre.

Tabitha also has a passion for organisation and design – and experience in helping two specialist hospitals fit out and move into new spaces. Due to this, she designed the majority of VSOS’s new advanced treatment centre with the group’s desire for an open, flowing floor plan.

Tabitha is extremely excited about what the future holds for VSOS’s new animal hospital, and with her extraordinary experience working in four major American animal hospitals, she has a lot to offer the new facility.

But she’ll always be a vet nurse. In fact, you can say she was born into that role.

VSOS A True Love Of Animals

A true love of animals

Tabitha grew up in Oregon on five acres with many different animals, including dogs, cats, horses, miniature horses, pigs, goats, sheep, snakes and birds. She spent most of her childhood training these pets and participating in 4-H, AKC, OHSET, High School Rodeo and AMHA. She competed with her border collie, Clyde, to his AKC championship. Clyde is the VSOS logo dog and will forever be a part of this company.

Aside from her passion for surgery, Tabitha enjoys travelling, dancing, dog shows, agility, hiking, cars and baking. She and Andrew have an adorable ginger cat named Paul, a hound mix from the USA named Jesse, and the newest addition being an Australian shepherd puppy named Chester. Tabitha is looking forward to showing Chester as he grows and eventually competing in obedience and agility.

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