Stephanie Mills

Vet Nurse


Passionate and determined

Stephanie always knew that she wanted to work with animals. There was never any doubt in her mind. Animals, or more specifically helping animals, is her passion. And she was determined to make that happen.

She started her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2011 after she had finished Year 10 and was qualified the following year. She is now completing her Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care to continue her education and expand her skillset as a vet nurse.

After working at the same veterinary practice in Ingleburn for seven years, Stephanie joined the VSOS team in May 2020. She knew Dr Andrew Levien and Dr Karina Graham from their mobile service at the clinic she worked at and was excited to join the team.

“I remember talking to Karina when they were still in the planning stages of opening the hospital. Seeing it transform from a shell into walls and doors with patients coming in for treatment, being part of it from the start has been really exciting.”

Part of the family

Stephanie’s role at VSOS is quite varied. In any one shift she could be assisting with emergencies, helping at reception, assisting Karina and the medicine team with ultrasounds and scopes or monitoring anaesthetics for the surgery team.

She loves working with the team… they are more like a family than a team of colleagues.

“Everyone in the team is amazing and super helpful. We all bring our own strengths and they come together to complement each other, which is really incredible.”

Stephanie is driven by her passion for helping animals… and their owners.

“Animals are a part of our family…they aren’t just pets. It is so rewarding to be able to help a fur baby and contribute to that family.”

Stephanie has a Border Collie called Shadow and spends much of her time outside of work hanging out with her son and her dog or tending to her succulents.

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