Bringing state-of-the-art care to the pets of Sydney

When VSOS was founded in 2017, the idea to build a state-of-the-art specialist animal hospital in Sydney was just a spark… but within three years that dream has turned into a reality.

The result – a product of determination, innovation and a dedication for providing superior care to their patients – is revolutionary for veterinary care in Sydney.


Location, location, location

By far the lengthiest part of the journey to building the hospital was finding the right location. Dr Karina Graham explains,

“We had a very specific criteria list for the location of the hospital. It needed to be close to a main road to allow good access but also have plenty of parking.

Given the equipment we would be bringing into the hospital, adequate power was also a hugely important consideration. After a long search over a couple of years, we found a wonderful site in the Sutherland shire which ticked all the boxes.”

Once we had the site – and went through quite a tedious DA process – it was all guns blazing to move ahead with the build, all under the watchful gaze of our General Manager, Simon Graham.

“The build started in early January,” says Karina. “The build team from Elite has been phenomenal. And with Simon project managing the build, Andrew and I have been able to continue working in the business and providing services to our patients.”

At the forefront of design

At the forefront of design

When it came to the design of our hospital, we didn’t leave anything to chance. With the input of our collective experience, under the guidance of our hospital manager, Tabitha Levien, our design removes barriers and truly puts us at the forefront of veterinary hospital care.

“I have worked at four of the major American animal hospitals and has been involved in the fit out of two specialist hospitals,” explains Tabitha.

“We wanted an open plan design that would essentially enable us to provide the same level of care to our patients as you would find in a human hospital.

A lot of thought has gone into the logical flow of the design, ensuring that there are no barriers to what we can diagnostically achieve or therapeutically provide our patients, which is very exciting. The hospital isn’t architect designed – it was designed from the ground up by a nurse and doctors.”

From the polished concrete floors to the spacious design and the selection of furnishings, we have dotted every ‘i’ and crossed every ‘t’ to ensure we are at the forefront of design.

MRI machine for animals

Cutting edge equipment

Our hospital is so much more than fancy equipment… but the equipment we have truly is the best of the best.

We have invested heavily in our equipment so that we can offer exceptional care to our patients. Karina explains why this is important,

“Any patient coming to us has the ability to have a CT or MRI and have those images uploaded very quickly to our referring partners.

As a team, we will be able to rapidly make decisions and offer around the clock care. Andrew has done the hard yards to automate our equipment and make it as efficient as possible. What we are offering really is at the cutting edge of veterinary technology and care.”

Veterinarian doctor working in MRI

Working environment

As much as we want to be at the forefront of animal care, we also want our hospital to be a great place to work. In the lead up to the launch of the hospital, the core VSOS team has been involved in recruitment and building an incredible group of staff. It’s important to us as a team that we select the right people to create the culture we want here at VSOS.

“We want our hospital to be somewhere pet owners feel very comfortable to have their pets looked after,” says Tabitha. “And we also want to create an amazing working environment to attract world class talent.

We have spacious office areas and a staff room with a balcony. The hospital is also pet friendly so our staff can bring their pets to work.”

One thing is for sure, when you put it all together – the incredible location, exceptional design, cutting edge equipment and amazing team – our specialist animal hospital is going to change the face of veterinary care in Sydney.

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