Simon Graham

General Manager

Simon Graham

Helping to bring the VSOS vision to life

Before joining VSOS at the end of 2018, Simon was a project manager in the construction industry, responsible for the delivery of multimillion-dollar projects.

Being married to Karina, and having been part of her extraordinary passion for providing amazing care for animals in veterinary medicine for so long, Simon felt the timing was right for him to join the VSOS team.

It’s Dr Karina Graham and Dr Andrew Levien’s drive, passion and vision that have been so inspirational for Simon, and what really propelled him to join the practice.

“When you understand just how passionate Karina and Andrew are to be launching the advanced treatment centre in June to provide innovative and incredible care for animals, you can’t help wanting to be a part of it. And I certainly do. I want to do everything I can as a professional to give them all the business support they need to bring their vision into life.

The culture at VSOS is like no other. When you’ve got a place where people are this passionate about being the best at what they do, when their values align so beautifully, and when you’re working with people who always see the glass as half full… it’s very inspirational.”

Commitment And Leadership

Leadership and commitment

Leadership, seeing the big picture, problem-solving, motivating a large team to deliver outstanding work… these qualities are all part and parcel of being a delivery manager on a major project. And these are qualities Simon has found are just as crucial for VSOS.

“I’m responsible for all the back-of-house work – the financial, forecasting, the policies and everything that goes on outside of animal care. And really importantly, I want to make sure we take care of the exceptional culture we’re building here at VSOS.

We have this overarching principle of what we stand for, which is to empower our people to make that ‘yes’ happen for our clients and their families. And the team here is so amazing. We’re all so driven and dedicated to giving animals and their families exceptional care.”

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