Dr Sarah Matthews

ER Doctor
MA VetMB, FANZCVS (Equine Surgery)


Experienced emergency doctor

Dr Sarah Matthews is a high achiever. She graduated from Cambridge University with an MA VetMB and went on to obtain a fellowship to the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in equine surgery. From the age of seven, Sarah wanted to be a vet. It’s all she ever wanted to do.

But it’s not every vet who can claim to also be a national champion in rock climbing, like Sarah can!

Sarah found working in the world of emergency and critical care naturally fitted with her competition schedule. She was often travelling and needed the flexibility which is more available in an emergency setting.

“Working in emergency and critical care, I had the flexibility to work and compete at the same time. 

I spent many years working in emergency, but I also spent some time in general practice. When I was approached about working at VSOS, I snatched the opportunity because it was back to working in emergency.

I enjoy the challenge of working in emergency and critical care. I am a super user for the CT and MRI machines so I’m doing specialist imaging as well as managing unique and complex cases and supporting the specialist team.”

Valued team player

Whatever Sarah turns her hand to, she always sets out to do her best. She completed her Diploma in Leadership and Management so she could sharpen her leadership skills, and she is always looking at how she can develop her career.

In an environment like the VSOS emergency hospital, surrounded by an incredible team and world-class equipment, Sarah is really able to excel.

“The way we work here is really progressive. We have high-end facilities and all of our equipment is on the same platform so each piece of equipment can interact with the others.

More than the equipment, every member of our team has a very strong work ethic. The team sets a really high standard. It’s a really unique environment; we are like family. Everyone is on the same wavelength, willing to roll up their sleeves and help each other out so we can get the job done.”

International athlete

Sarah isn’t just a national champion in rock climbing… she is also a triathlete and has competed in Age Group Triathlons for a number of years.

In fact, it was her athletic interests that led her to obtain her equine surgery fellowship.

“As an international athlete I was drawn to the athletic side of equine medicine. I really value horses as athletes.”

When Sarah isn’t working or training to represent Australia in triathlon, she is spending time with her young daughter.

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