Koda the Frequent Flyer receives a Stent for an Irregular Blood flow.

Koda is a 2 year old from Darwin who was underweight and showed symptoms of lethargy and drowsiness. With no specialist in Darwin able to do a CT scan, he was flown to Adelaide to be checked out at a specialist animal hospital there. Referred onto VSOS from the referring clinic in Adelaide, Koda was then flown home to Darwin first, then onto Sydney to see our team.

The situation

The CT scan showed an abnormality with his liver, where blood was passing through a vessel that shouldn’t have. The surgical room was prepped and Koda was prepared by Dr Rachael Reynolds and Dr Fernando Martinez Taboada for surgery. The plan for surgery was to insert a stent into his liver via the jugular vein and some coils into the vessel, hoping that the liver could begin to function normally.

The procedure

The operation was led by Dr Laurencie Brunel and assisted by Dr Karina Graham. The coils were inserted into the vessel with the aim to induce some blot clots, whilst at the same time the stent would operate as a gate to allow the normal blood flow back through the liver.

See the full video of Koda’s amazing journey and operation, with a detailed description by Dr Karina Gragham on this surgery and the process behind it here.



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