Leading the way in innovative animal care

At VSOS, our team works at the cutting edge of veterinary care. We are compassionate and highly-skilled specialists who are committed to providing world-class care for our patients.

And that’s why innovation is so central to the work we do.

We are innovative thinkers, always looking for new and efficient ways to improve the care we provide. Our specialist animal hospital is testament to that. Innovation is at the core and has been a driving factor in every decision we have made.

Equipment integrated into our hospital

World-class equipment

The equipment we have integrated into our hospital is simply the best. It allows our team to make better decisions, to work more efficiently, and ultimately, to get improved outcomes for our patients.

Our equipment is world class and includes:

  • Siemens MAGNETOM Sempra MRI machine
  • Siemens SOMATOM go.Up CT scanner
  • Siemens MOBILETT Elara Max mobile x-ray machine
  • Philips Zenition 50 Fluoroscopy machine

Dr Karina Graham explains how the equipment will enable us to offer exceptional treatment options to our patients:

“Our new equipment will improve our efficiency and the ease of the procedures we perform on our patients. We have a new MRI so we can perform cardiac gated imaging and our fluoroscopy machine has low radiation technology so our patients and staff aren’t exposed to traditional high-level radiation.

Our new mobile x-ray unit offers the same low radiation technology and is a new innovation, allowing us to take the machine to the patient. This is particularly good for ventilated patients in critical care.

Our hospital operating theatres have also been designed with multiple screens that can be manipulated by the surgeon to improve the efficiency and ease of the procedures they are performing.”

Remote operations

Remote operations

Our world class equipment is phenomenal… but more than just improving the treatment options for our patients, it also gives us the ability to have remote operators.

Any patient coming to us has the ability to have a CT, MRI or x-ray and have the images uploaded very quickly to referring partners. More than that, it allows our collective team to rapidly make decisions. This is veterinary care at its best.

“All our imaging modalities will have an automated upload,” explains Karina.

“This means every image can be sent remotely and saved efficiently. We aren’t relying on traditional large bulky servers. The bonus to that is that there is very minimal paperwork, which supports our vision to move towards being a paperless hospital.

We have the ability to have remote operators for our equipment… and that means we can use these units anytime of day. We can run scans in our hospital at anytime with the remote support of a radiographer or radiologist who doesn’t have to be on site. This takes us to the next level in terms of our ability to scan patients in an emergency setting.”



The design of our hospital essentially allows us to provide our patients with the level of care you would find in a human hospital. Diagnostically and therapeutically, we have unlimited potential to what we can achieve.

“Led by Tabitha Levien, our Hospital Manager, we have pooled our collective experience in working in animal care settings around the world, to come up with the innovative design of our hospital,” says Karina.

“We don’t have paper charts or drip pumps in front of our patient beds.

The hospital has been designed so we can see every patient from one point in the hospital at all times. We have considered the flow from surgery to recovery and x-ray so we can optimise our efficiency.

Our design places us at the forefront of animal care. This is the best of the best, and that is really exciting.”

Innovation isn’t a static thing and we are firmly committed to innovating for the future. When it comes to our patients, we will settle for only the best.

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