Honey the Cavoodle had Dysuria.

Dr Karina Graham, an Internal medicine specialist, specializes in this field. One of her recent patients, Honey an 11 year-old Cavoodle, presented to VSOS with symptoms of straining when trying to urinate, dripping urine inappropriately, vomiting bile and not wanting to eat.

The situation

When she arrived, the emergency team placed a urinary catheter to empty her bladder and saw her urine was dark red in colour (containing blood). An x-ray was taken to observe her urinary tract and calculi (hard material formed by minerals) was seen in her urethra (the tube that empties urine from the bladder to outside).

An unusual find

Honey was referred to our internal medicine department where Dr Karina Graham performed a cystoscopy to remove the stones using a basket passed through the scope. A large tear in the urethra was observed on entry so this made the procedure a more difficult one. Dr Karina needed to ensure the stones were all removed and carefully to avoid causing more damage. The procedure was a success and a total of about 15 stones were removed safely.

An indwelling urinary catheter was then placed under fluoroscopic guidance. This technique avoids delicate and risky urethral surgery and allows for rapid healing in our patients. A contrast study of her urinary tract was then performed to investigate the extent of urine leakage the tear had caused.

She stayed in hospital for five more days to be monitored closely and treated accordingly. After her urinary catheter was removed and she urinated successfully multiple times on her own, she was given the tick of approval to go home to her family!!

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