How the VSOS mobile vet specialists helped increase this clinic’s profitability

VSOS Experienced An Increase In Profitability

Dr Robert Zammit’s 40-year-old practice – Vineyard Veterinary Hospital – has experienced an increase in profitability in recent years since he and his team began using VSOS’s (Veterinary Specialists of Sydney) in-clinic mobile small animal surgery services.

“Using the team at VSOS is like employing an extra veterinarian without having to pay wages, superannuation, holiday pay, sick leave or anything else. It’s fantastic,” says Dr Zammit.

“To be able to make a referral to a specialist pet surgeon, specialist animal ultrasonographer, or a highly trained specialist in small animal medicine, is an incredible service that is also highly profitable for me.

It’s a positive experience every single time… I can’t believe everyone doesn’t use VSOS!”

VSOS Investment In Equipment And Expertise

Outsource the investment in equipment and expertise

Dr Zammit created a more profitable practice by partnering with the VSOS team to provide high-quality specialist services that also remain affordable for his clients.

Many vet clinics cannot offer these higher-end services as they cannot justify the cost of training staff and the investment in the equipment required.

Using an in-clinic mobile vet specialist allows vets to have the best of both worlds as VSOS provides both the expertise and the equipment required for more complex procedures.

“It costs a fortune to set up a veterinary hospital these days,” says Dr Zammit. “When you use the VSOS team you don’t have to pay for any of the equipment yourself, because VSOS supplies all the equipment that you can’t justify buying yourself.”

Dr Zammit has used VSOS for a range of different small animal surgeries over the years, including THR (total hip replacements), CCL and other knee-related procedures, soft tissue surgeries, as well as consulting on neurological cases and finding solutions for almost any issue thrown their way.

“VSOS comes into your practice, works alongside your team and does the entire surgery for you. The client and pet get exceptional service, my team and I learn something new every time and my clinic becomes more profitable. From a business point of view, it really is a no-brainer.”

VSOS Leverage For Vet Clinics Of Any Size

Leverage for vet clinics of any size

Dr Zammit has a large six-vet practice and utilises VSOS on a regular basis, but vet clinics of all sizes can benefit from partnering with the VSOS team.

“As vets, it’s very easy to isolate ourselves, especially if you’re in a one or two-person practice. You can feel very much alone and feel that you have to solve every problem by yourself. With VSOS and their mobile pet specialist service, you no longer have to be alone.

Their communication is phenomenal and they are always available to help. My team often sends through X-rays for second opinions and they always come back to us really quickly.”

VSOS provides leverage, which can be the difference in creating profitable clinics of any size.

VSOS Keep Control Of Your Clients

Keep control of your clients with in-clinic aftercare

Relationships with local pet owners have been a focus for Dr Zammit for the past 40 years. Referring surgeries to an off-site animal hospital can, at times, put a strain on this relationship if the communication is not well managed.

The VSOS team remove this issue completely by keeping the animal in its local clinic for after care post-surgery, which is a crucial part of the animal’s recovery.

VSOS’s in-clinic mobile services provide pet owners with a local solution to post-surgical requirements, and most importantly, allows vets like Dr Zammit and his team to manage the communication and further build the bond with their clients as well as remaining a vital part of the process.

“By keeping patients in-house as much as possible you don’t lose control of your case.

You remain the one point of contact for the client from a logistical point of view. You can monitor the conversation and the experience for the client first hand, ensuring nothing gets confusing. This is really important when managing the client’s experience.”

VSOS World Class Service

World-class service and exceptional communication skills

With several other vet specialists currently servicing the broader Sydney area, what makes VSOS so different?

“The quality of their service… it’s just ridiculously good,” glows Dr Zammit.

“They’ve really perfected both sides of the coin. The quality of their work is literally world-class and their communication skills are exceptional.

I’m just blown away by what these guys do and how they do it. I would never use anyone other than VSOS for my in-clinic vet specialist needs.”

Interested in understanding how VSOS can help you and your practice?

Making a referral is easy. Here is a simple guide that explains the referral process and how you can start utilising VSOS’s specialist services today.


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