Fernando Martinez Taboada

Specialist Anaesthetist


Internationally trained

Dr Fernando Martinez Taboada has trained at both the University of Madrid in Spain and the University of Bristol in the UK, completing his specialist training in anaesthesia and analgesia in 2011.

He was drawn to anesthesia because of the capacity to help more animals and to make a difference to the treatment they receive.

“Anaesthesia is a very powerful thing. When a patient is anaesthetised, the anaesthetist is under complete control. Ultimately you are taking the animal from a state that is very close to death, and turn them around to bring them safely home.

I am also really interested in analgesia. I find it very rewarding to be able to alleviate an animal’s pain.”

Cutting edge of medicine

Fernando doesn’t come from a long line of vets. Nor did he have a lifelong passion for becoming a vet. He always knew he wanted to be a doctor… and when the time came to choose his path at university, he was intrigued by the idea of studying veterinary science. He has never looked back.

Over more than a decade, Fernado has worked in private referral environments, general practice and also academia as a lecturer at the University of Sydney. But being at the cutting edge of medicine, in an environment like the VSOS specialist animal hospital is what really drives him.

“I have set up the anaesthetics department of four different animal hospitals. I know what works, I know what doesn’t work, and I can easily identify what is working in an environment and build on that. That’s why I wanted to join the VSOS team. Being here from the beginning, it’s like planting a seed and watching it grow. We have the opportunity to build something really exciting.”

Day to day, Fernando is supporting the surgical team and doing the rounds to see what patients are dealing with. Ultimately though, his focus is on developing processes and protocols to streamline the work of the team. Fernando knows that when the day flows smoothly and rapidly, the team will be more efficient… and the patients will receive the very best level of care.

From Spain to Sydney

Fernando and his wife – also a vet – moved from the UK to Australia in 2017 after initially spending 15 months here in 2014. The food and weather are reminiscent of Fernando’s native spain and the level of veterinary care is similar to the UK.

When Fernando and his wife relocated to Australia with their two young children, they had to leave their pet cat, Alfie, in the care of close friends. As a diabetic, the move would have been too stressful for him so the decision was made. Recently, the family decided to venture into the world of fish to help teach the kids responsibility… although it is Fernando who is doing most of the caring. Lucky he knows a thing or two about pets!

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