External Imaging Service

External Imaging Requests

VSOS is now offering its state-of-the-art imaging services to the wider Veterinary industry. Submitting an imaging request is as easy as clicking a button.

Select your desired modality, fill out the online request form and our team will be in contact with your client to make an appointment. Once imaging has been completed, the study will be sent to you within 3 business days.

How to engage VSOS

The completed request form must be submitted by the Referring Veterinarian. Please click below your desired modality, which will be sent to VSOS directly.

MRI / CT online Form

Ultrasound online Form



Engagement of the Services

The Client will be referred to VSOS by the Referring Veterinarian.

The appropriate referral forms need to be submitted by the Referring Veterinarian. This must occur before the Client can engage VSOS to perform the Services.

Once the Referring Veterinarian has completed the referral form and it has been received by VSOS, VSOS will contact the Client and issue the client with the External Imaging Admission and Consent form for signing.

VSOS will then provide the Client with a Cost Estimate for the Services.

Once the External Imaging Admission and Consent form and the Cost Estimate is accepted by the Client, VSOS will proceed with the Services and will arrange the Admission Date.

VSOS cares about our clients as much as we do

Dr Cherlene Lee

“I first used Karina and the VSOS mobile vet services by accident,” explains Dr Lee, veterinarian and owner of My Vet Animal Hospital in Waterloo.

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