Round the clock emergency care vital for Willow’s speedy recovery

VSOS - A sick 12 year old Toy Poodle Willow

When Greg and Kumio Waters first noticed their 12 year old Toy Poodle, Willow, had stopped eating and wasn’t moving well, they knew something wasn’t right. But even after rushing Willow to her local veterinarian it wasn’t clear what was causing her health to deteriorate.

Despite Willow being on antibiotics to treat a suspected abscess, the local vet felt there was something else going on that needed deeper investigation. But in order for the vet to do the tests, Willow would need to stay in the clinic overnight.

For Greg and Kumio, waiting didn’t seem like the best option for Willow.

“The thought of leaving Willow alone overnight in a cage, whilst we waited until they reopened the next day, didn’t feel right. So our local vet referred Willow to the Veterinary Specialists of Sydney (VSOS) 24/7 emergency veterinary hospital. And we are so glad we took Willow when we did.”

Over the next five days, Willow was given the highest quality veterinary care, which proved vital to finding a quick diagnosis of anaemia and allowed her to get back on her feet sooner.

Timely veterinary specialist care

VSOS - Ultrasound mahines

By the time Greg and Kumio Waters walked into the 24/7 emergency hospital with Willow, it was 6pm.

But it didn’t matter… they were seen straight away. With veterinary specialists on hand, they were able to perform a blood test and ultrasound. And it wasn’t long before they were given a diagnosis.

“I got a call three hours later, around 9pm, from Dr Karina Graham. She gave us the results that Willow had anaemia. She needed daily blood transfusions for five days to get her back to normal levels again. Dr Karina was able to also rule out any other health problems with the ultrasound, which gave me real peace of mind knowing that we knew what was wrong.”

With access to state-of-the-art veterinary equipment and testing on-site, the team at VSOS was able to get a fast and accurate diagnosis for Willow.

VSOS - Toy Poodle Willow

Going the extra mile for clients

Providing the best quality of care for our patients is our highest priority.

We know that our clients look to us to provide genuine support and reassurance during times of crisis.

That’s why we make sure clients are given timely updates and constant points of contact from our team. We understand the peace of mind that it can bring during uncertain times.

Whether it’s a phone call, text or in person consultation, the entire team at VSOS is committed to going the extra mile for our clients. And that was certainly the experience that Greg and Kumio received.

“We just can’t speak highly enough of the level of communication from VSOS. We got timely updates on how Willow was progressing and every member of the VSOS team we came across had the same level of genuine care.”

Taking Willow straight to VSOS gave her the best chance of a speedy recovery.

It’s great to see her back to her normal self again. She’s eating, walking and back to bossing us around!

Get the best emergency veterinary care... any time of day or night

Our team of trusted veterinary specialists are on hand 24/7 to provide emergency care at our brand new animal emergency hospital located in the Sutherland Shire. Whilst no one plans for an emergency… it’s always good to know who to trust when the unexpected happens.



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