Going above and beyond in a time of crisis for Mimi

A Dachshund sitting on the couch

For Kate, getting an unexpected call to say that her dachshund, Mimi, had been involved in a freak accident that left her unconscious and unresponsive… turned her life upside down. In an instant.

Kate knew the next few hours were vital to getting Mimi the best veterinary care… fast. Her first port of call was to her local vet in Wollongong, but with a suspected neurological and spinal injury it quickly became clear that Mimi needed a higher level of specialist care and access to state-of-the art medical equipment.

She was referred on to the Veterinary Specialists of Sydney (VSOS) and took the 45-minute drive to the Sutherland Shire.

Over the next four days, Mimi was given the highest quality in veterinary treatment and round the clock care from the team of experts at VSOS. And it proved to be the difference between life and death for Mimi.

“I know without a shadow of doubt, without the heroic intervention of the team at Veterinary Specialists of Sydney, Mimi wouldn’t be here with us today. I’m so grateful for everything they did and the care they provided to her… it was above and beyond what I expected.”

A Dachshund sitting on a pad with a surgical tape on her leg

A lifesaving diagnosis

A quick and accurate diagnosis proved lifesaving for Mimi.

As soon as Kate rushed her into the 24/7 emergency veterinary hospital she was taken in for extensive testing – including the CT and ultrasound that her local vet was not equipped to perform.

Dr Karina Graham quickly identified the life-threatening injury… internal bleeding.

And the quicker the diagnosis… the quicker the start of treatment and recovery.

“Thankfully, Mimi didn’t have any neurological or spinal injuries. Looking back now, I can’t help but think what if we had missed the internal bleeding. If I hadn’t taken her to the team at VSOS she would have not been diagnosed correctly.”

When the unexpected happens, time is of the essence. And having access to a specialist veterinary hospital with experts on hand, ready to respond – at any time of day – is paramount.

Veterinarian checking a dog using equipment

Highest level of veterinary care

When your pet needs emergency veterinary care, it’s reassuring to know there is a team of experts on hand to help. That’s exactly what we pride ourselves on at VSOS.

At all hours you will find a dedicated team of veterinary and emergency specialists who are committed to providing the highest quality of care. And with access to the latest innovations in veterinary equipment you can be sure your pet is in the best of hands.

“Just knowing they are fully operational 24/7 meant I could trust that I was getting the best experts to help Mimi. Dr Karina Graham and Dr Sarah Matthews were just fantastic, right from the start and throughout the entire stay. They understood the urgency of getting her diagnosis and were there throughout the entire treatment process. I knew we were always getting the best.”

Duchshund sitting beside an eating toddler

Compassion and care make all the difference

When your pet is unwell or injured, it can be incredibly frightening.

That’s why our team always shows compassion and goes the extra mile to bring comfort to patients and clients.

Whether it’s offering you a cup of tea, answering your calls any time of day or night or providing constant communication on how your pet is going. We know it all helps to give reassurance during times of crisis.

“When Mimi was injured, I was incredibly shocked and anxious. Waiting to see whether she would respond to the treatment was difficult… but the level of care and communication from the entire veterinary staff at the emergency hospital was just incredible. I was given constant updates from the waiting room. Even when I called up at 5am, the staff on the phone were incredibly empathetic and more than happy to find out more information for me. Nothing was too much of a bother. And just knowing she had a veterinary nurse with her 24/7 meant I could relax, knowing she was in safe hands.”

And when it comes to knowing who Kate can turn to in a moment of crisis – she wouldn’t hesitate in recommending VSOS to her friends or family. And she’s thrilled with seeing her Mimi back to her usual happy self.

“She is completely back to herself. She loves playing with my two young children – so it’s a joy to see them back together again. I’m so happy to have her back home again.”

Get the best emergency veterinary care... when you need it

Whilst no one plans for an emergency…it’s always good to know who to trust when the unexpected happens.

Our team of trusted veterinary specialists are on hand 24/7 to provide emergency care at our brand new animal emergency hospital located in the Sutherland Shire.



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“Karina, and all of the vet nurses and vet specialists at VSOS, have such incredible empathy."
On the hardest day of Jimmy Barnes' life, the VSOS team was there.

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