Elena Buenrostro

Vet Nurse


A shared passion

Elena’s veterinary career began when she was studying Agricultural Business in the USA. While it may not seem like an obvious start, through her studies she spent a lot of time on the university farm, where she met a number of vets who sparked her interest in the veterinary sciences.

From her experiences with the animals and the encouragement of the vets she came into contact with, Elena decided to become a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). After working as an RVT in a number of different roles, Elena wanted more. And so she moved to Australia to complete her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) at the University of Sydney.

While Elena completes her studies she is working as a vet nurse in the VSOS emergency hospital, a job that she adores.

“I have worked in general practice so working in emergency is a completely different experience. I was interested when I heard about the role, but it wasn’t until I met everyone and saw the passion they have for the animals, the medicine and the hospital, that I decided this is where I want to be.

The team at VSOS has been absolutely amazing. They are so supportive and trusting. Everyone here is so highly skilled and we all work so well together as a team.”

Passion for wildlife

Before coming to Australia, Elena was the lead technician at a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre where she fell in love with wildlife… particularly avian species.

“Working with wildlife at the rehabilitation centre was particularly rewarding. The animals that would come in had been through quite horrible experiences, so to be able to successfully treat them was a great experience. I particularly enjoyed working with the birds at the centre so hope to pursue that interest in the future.”

Crazy cat lady

When Elena moved to Australia, she left her two cats, Bradley and Finn, with her parents. It was hard to say goodbye to her babies back home, but while she is in Australia she has been volunteering as a foster carer for cats and kittens.

“I’m a crazy cat lady. Cats are so often underrated – they don’t get the same attention as dogs do, but they really have so much potential. I love working with all of our patients, but if we had a day with only cats and kittens through the door, I would be a very happy person!”

Elena spends much of her free time with her foster cats but also enjoys heading to the beach, bushwalking or having brunch with her friends.

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