Dr Dominic Tso

ER Doctor
BSc (Animal Biology), DVM

From Canada to Sydney

Dr Dominic Tso hails from Canada, where he completed his B. Science in Animal Biology at the University of Guelph in Ontario. He grew up around animals so was keen to follow his passion and develop a career as a vet.

Keen to explore the southern hemisphere, he applied to the University of Sydney to complete his postgraduate studies, ultimately obtaining his Dr of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) at the end of 2018.

The next generation of vets

In the time since he has graduated, Dominic has worked in general practice… but the pull to work at the world-class VSOS emergency hospital with an incredible team of vets was strong.

“I have an interest in orthopaedics, so to be able to work with a vet like Dr Andrew Levien was too good to give up. Both Andrew and Karina have such good reputations in their fields so who better to learn from?”

Dominic is excited to be part of the VSOS team, and very much sees it as an opportunity to contribute to providing exceptional animal care, but also learn from the experienced team around him.

“Everyone in the team is friendly and willing to teach and educate the new generation of vets coming through. That’s quite rare to have so many experienced vets willing to share their knowledge and experience so generously.”

Challenges and rewards

Working in the emergency team at VSOS has presented Dominic with many challenges… but it has also been a highly rewarding experience. And that’s because, unlike in general practice, every case that comes through our emergency doors is different.

At VSOS, Dominic has the chance to be involved in procedures that he wouldn’t normally see in day-to-day practice. And for Dominic, that is a really exciting part of his job.

“In any one day we might perform a total hip replacement in a dog followed by a complex spinal surgery. You simply don’t see these types of surgeries in general practice. I thrive on the opportunity to join in on procedures and contribute to the treatment of our patients.”

As for life outside of work, when he was in Canada, Dominic was a keen skier, but these days he turns to badminton, hiking and the gym for his fitness. One of his reasons for staying in Australia after graduation was his Australian girlfriend… and the team at VSOS are certainly grateful for that!

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