Courtney Newman

Vet Nurse

Courtney Newman

Committed to providing exceptional care

As a vet nurse, Courtney devotes a lot of her time to the surgery theatre and assisting the VSOS team during procedures. Surgery is a time when animals are at their most vulnerable and it’s why Courtney is so driven to give them exceptional care.

What Courtney loves most about VSOS is that she’s always able to focus her energy on ensuring every patient feels comfortable and loved.

Courtney is one of the more recent additions to the growing VSOS team, but it didn’t take her long to feel part of the family – because her passion and love for all animals is something shared by the wider team, and it’s what makes it a wonderful fit for her.

The close-knit team at VSOS feels like family to Courtney, which is what she loves about coming to work every day.

“VSOS is doing some amazing things, but it still has that small family business feel to it. It really does feel like a family business despite how big it’s grown. All of the team members are really good friends with each other.”

A supportive team culture

This strong team culture comes from the doctors and nurses, who Courtney says are never too busy to teach her as they go.

“All of the team take time to explain things. Dr Andrew Levien during surgery will point out things to look for and explain why he’s using a certain piece of equipment. It makes the whole team stronger and we’re all better for it.”

Courtney enjoys being able to combine her love of animals with the need to be challenged. Because at VSOS, not only is there never a dull moment, but it’s a place where Courtney can give her all to the animals in need.

“I love being challenged. And I love the supportive nature and framework that VSOS provides to face those challenges.”

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