Codie Anderson

Medicine Coordinator

Codie Anderson

Organised and focused

As the office administrator and medicine coordinator, Codie is one of the main points of contact for external clinics. She finds the right appointments from multiple clinics and matches them with the right surgeons at VSOS.

If you think that can be challenging, you’re right. But Codie’s extensive experience in office management across a range of industries and her strong attention to detail make her a perfect fit for the role.

“It’s not that I find it easy, it’s that I focus on providing the best customer service – always. Making sure the customers are happy and other clinics are happy is so important to me. The pets that we look after are like children to their owners, so what we do is a big responsibility. I will never forget that.”

Enthusiastic and passionate

Codie loves the culture at VSOS. The enthusiasm and passion that flow down from the founders provide a source of inspiration for her every day.

“You have to be passionate and enthusiastic to work at VSOS. We all wake up in the morning loving what we do. It’s infectious.”

This is a huge part of what makes Codie such a wonderful part of the team at VSOS. Her love of animals and her commitment to providing the best service to clients and their pets show through every interaction she has.

The thriving, high-energy culture at VSOS makes Codie feel right at home. It’s a way of doing business that she and the team also take with them when visiting other clinics for surgeries.

Tailoring solutions to each patient and vet clinic

Codie fully appreciates that every single patient, surgery and clinic will require a different approach. This appreciation allows her to build relationships with other professionals in other clinics, which means she can tailor solutions to their specific needs and therefore each animal’s needs.

“Every single clinic is different, and I love that. We can do the very same procedure on a whole range of different animals, but depending on the patient and the clinic they’ll each require a completely different level of guided support. It’s a very personable approach, I think, and everyone seems to really appreciate it.”

Codie finds her work rewarding and loves to share that feeling with the rest of the team. She takes what she does very seriously as she understands what’s at stake every single day.

“Saving lives is a privilege and we never forget that. Like I always say to the team, ‘Thank you guys for saving lives today.’ We can never forget just how big an impact we can make.”

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