Claudia Boot

Vet Nurse

Rediscovering her love of nursing

When Claudia finished school, like so many school leavers, she didn’t know what to do with herself. She loved animals so decided to pursue vet nursing, completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

After working in general practice for five or so years, she was feeling stale… and truth be told, bored. She had fallen out of love with her job.

So, she took a break. She tried her hand at other jobs, but the pull of vet nursing was still there. After finding her way back to the veterinary world, Claudia then ultimately came across VSOS.

“My skills weren’t being utilised in general practice. I wanted to stretch myself, to learn everything I could about vet nursing and to find a way to really use my skills. Since being back vet nursing – and particularly working at the VSOS advanced treatment centre – I’ve rediscovered my love of the job. Now I’m looking forward to developing my skills as a nurse and continuing to grow and develop in my role.”

A rewarding environment

Claudia finds joy in looking after the hospital patients and making them feel as comfortable as possible. She takes great pride in happy patients and takes her responsibility for patient care very seriously.

It’s not an easy job but it’s one that she finds highly rewarding.

“Working overnight shifts and in a high pressure environment like an emergency hospital can be challenging. But the team here at VSOS is incredibly supportive. Working in a team isn’t always easy but everyone here is focused on a common goal and that brings us all together.”

When Claudia isn’t at work, you can usually find her at the gym. She also has her own pet at home – a 15-year-old ginger cat, Sonny.

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