Dr Channette Kulzer

ER Doctor


Second nature

Working with animals has always been second nature for Dr Channette Kulzer. Her mother bred Great Danes and they always had many animals around the house, from dogs to rabbits and guinea pigs.

When Channette was 12-years-old, she helped a Great Dane deliver 17 puppies. It was that experience as a midwife that set her on the path to becoming a vet.

Channette has trained in her native Switzerland, as well as in the USA, where she lived for a period of time.

She completed her Bachelor of Veterinary Science in Australia in 1994 and went on to open what became a thriving veterinary practice in Rose Bay.

“I am very driven and love being a vet. When my second daughter was born, she was very stubborn and so I needed to step out of full-time veterinary work to be a full-time mother. While I was raising my children, I studied natural therapies and even started a law degree, all while being there for my daughters.”

Diverse career experiences

Channette has lived in three countries and worked in many different fields. As a vet, she has practised across Sydney and Byron Bay as well as completing an internship at SASH with rotations in surgery, intensive care and ophthalmology.

She spent a number of years living in Zurich to care for her mother, who was unwell. During that time, Channette worked in the orthopaedics field, teaching human, feline and equine surgeons how to use specific instrumentation. She also completed an internship in internal medicine in the veterinary department of Zurich University.

Passionate about critical care

Now that Channette’s children are older, she is turning her focus to her passion for critical care. What was once a subject that she found daunting, is now where she is focusing her efforts and interest into the next stage of her career.

And the VSOS emergency hospital is the perfect place to do it.

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