Cesar Asciano

Vet Nurse

Seeking a new challenge

Cesar was studying veterinary science in Colombia when his family moved to Australia. When he graduated in 2013, he followed his family down under. While he was a qualified vet in his home country, his qualification wasn’t recognised here, so he decided to pursue nursing, completing his Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2015.

For four years, Cesar worked in general practice… but he wanted more of a challenge. He wanted to use his skills and knowledge and stretch his learning. And so he took up a role in the VSOS emergency hospital.

“As an emergency nurse, you need to be aware of each and every patient to ensure everything is going OK. You are supervising several patients at the same time and working closely with the vets to treat problems as they arise. I really wanted the challenge that comes with working in an emergency specialist centre.”

Supportive environment

Cesar appreciates the supportive environment at VSOS, surrounded by a team of highly qualified colleagues whom he can turn to when he needs help.

“Everyone here is so good at what they do. We all have such different experiences and we are learning from each other every day. The equipment we have here makes it easier to do our job, so we can focus on the patient and getting the right outcome for them.”

Care – for patients, clients and colleagues – is really important for Cesar.

He became a vet as he was inspired by the vets who would visit his family farm when he was a kid. While he originally thought he would use his qualification to treat his own animals, over time he developed more of an interest in companion animals.

Cesar doesn’t have any pets of his own… but he does care for a cat called Lilo. Cesar’s sister works at a shelter and brought Lilo home after she was fighting with the other cats.

When he isn’t working or caring for Lilo, Cesar spends his time at the gym, playing soccer or visiting family on the Central Coast.

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