Atlas and his severe case of Hip Dysplasia

Atlas the Golden Retriever was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia from the age of 6 months. Referred to Veterinary Specialist of Sydney and examined by Dr Andrew Levien, Atlas was diagnosed with a severe case of Hip Dysplasia on both hips.

VSOS Xray Hips

X-ray Results

Dr Andrew Levien analysed the X-ray of Atlas’s hips and discussed the severity of Hip Dysplasia and how this impacted Atlas’s walking and way of living. Atlas diagnosis was on the severe side of the spectrum, with the x-rays showing less than 5% alignment to the hip socket on one side, and approx 1% on the other. A normal hip should sit around 50%.

Atlas Surgery 2


Atlas underwent surgery on his right hip, with the surgery performed by Dr Andrew Levien. The surgery was a success and after recovering for a few months, Atlas will be back to have his left hip surgically repaired as well. Amazingly, Atlas was able to walk out of the clinic unaided!

Watch the full video of the operation and how Atlas’s owner and Dr Andrew Levien discuss the full procedure here.

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