Archie has surgery to repair his Patella Luxation

Archie is an 8-month-old poodle mix who was born was severe deformities in his hind legs. Admitted to VSOS, he was diagnosed with a condition known as Patella Luxation. This is where the kneecap dislocates from the knee, either in the motion of walking or sometimes more permanent. It’s a very common condition in dogs, often more prevalent in smaller breeds and is usually classified in a grading system between 1 and 4.


The situation

Archie was diagnosed at a level 4, which is the most severe ranking. This was due to a number of underlying bone structures causing issues. Specialist in Small Animal Surgery, Dr Andrew Levien oversaw the diagnosis and after a CT scan was performed, a 3D print model of his hind legs was produced, which helped Dr Levien plan out Archie’s surgery. The plan was to straighten both of his femurs, untwist his knees and untwist his tibias, with special plates used to hold the straightened bones in place. Both legs needed to be corrected.

The procedure

The operation proved far more difficult and time-consuming than originally planned. Led by Dr Levien, the procedure uncovered far more scarring and complexity in the bone anatomy, and extreme torsion in the knee than what was anticipated. Due to the time taken for the op, the decision was made to stop after the first leg, allow Archie to recover with the plan to complete the second leg in a few months time.  Archie visited the clinic 7 weeks post-surgery where a remarkable difference was noted. An X-ray showed a slight irritation with one of the pins in his legs, which was subsequently removed. He is due to return shortly to have the same procedure performed on his other leg.

See the full video of Archie’s amazing journey and operation, with a detailed description by Dr Andrew Levien on this surgery and the process behind it here.



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