Amanda Peroy

Vet Nurse


At home in emergency

While Amanda was completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, she very quickly realised that emergency was the place she wanted to be. She knew that beyond the tasks of vaccinations and desexing that are the norm in general practice, in emergency and critical care she would be involved in interesting cases and have the chance to develop her skills and knowledge of animal care.

At VSOS, Amanda is excited to be involved in so many different cases and facets of emergency and animal medicine. And she is looking forward to making a difference to the patients that come through the doors of the VSOS emergency hospital.

“I want to play a role in creating the gold standard of in-patient hospital care at VSOS. It’s not just about the medicine… but also a holistic view of the wellness of the patient. 

Hospital can be so stressful for the animals and there are so many things we can do to ease that which will in turn help them heal faster and make it a more positive experience.”

Amanda brings her additional training in RECOVER CPR and advanced anaesthesia to the team. Mostly, she enjoys the environment at VSOS where we all work together as a team to learn from each other and expand our knowledge.

“The team here is incredible. Everyone is committed to making the hospital the best it can possibly be. And the design is amazing. From the computer station I can look out and see every patient in the hospital. That makes our job of caring for the animals so much easier.”

Animal rescue

Amanda has always been passionate about animals… and that’s what drew her to vet nursing in the first place. Other than caring for her own pets – Butters the Chinchilla cat, Mia the Rottweiler and Teddy the puppy – she has also dedicated a lot of her time over the last few years to volunteering with WIRES.

Her volunteer work has had her involved in hand rearing orphaned possums and rehabilitating injured possums. In fact, at one point in time she had 23 ringtail possums in her home under her care. But for Amanda, hand rearing baby flying foxes takes the cake as her most memorable experience.

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