Alissa McInnes

Vet Nurse


Capable and experienced

Before joining the VSOS team as a vet nurse, Alissa worked at North Shore Veterinary Hospital for about nine years.

“I knew this was something I wanted to do, so I just volunteered at North Shore and got a job that day. I started off as a kennel hand for about two months, and then they asked me to come downstairs, and I never looked back.”

Alissa is now Dr Karina Graham’s right-hand woman when it comes to interventional radiology procedures, and she also scrubs in to assist in surgery regularly.

Working alongside Dr Graham has allowed Alissa the opportunity to build her skills and become a really valuable asset to the VSOS specialists. Now she regularly manages more advanced tasks such as placing IV catheters, taking blood samples, doing immunotherapy and calculating drug doses.

Alissa’s favourite aspect of what she does is oncology… specifically seeing the owner’s face when they see the results of what some of the more advanced treatments VSOS provides can do for their pet.

Helping animals back to health

The biggest joy for Alissa is watching the animals she has cared for recover and become healthy again.

“That feeling of watching the animal putting weight back on, week by week, as they just get better and better. It all comes from the love of the animals that the whole team shares. Knowing that what we are doing is helping and not hurting. It’s priceless.”

The VSOS team is so proud to have Alissa on board, and that feeling is certainly mutual. Her professional and personal admiration for Dr Karina Graham and Dr Andrew Levien is one that continues to grow.

“Dr Karina Graham and Dr Andrew Levien are the only ones I’d ever let look at my baby, Charlie (Alissa’s beloved shih-tzu cross poodle). I’d put his life in Karina and Andrew’s hands any day.”

There’s no higher form of praise for a veterinary specialist than this. And it comes from working with the vets at VSOS and knowing how brilliantly they operate.

When not doing everything she can for the animals at VSOS during work hours, she almost refuses to go anywhere without her beloved Charlie…

“I only really do anything that is dog-friendly on the weekends. I love going anywhere I can with him… cafes, pubs, parks… he loves it. I love taking him on the train, too. Yes, I’m THAT owner.”

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